Mobex presents the common reasons causing mobile damage

When you read the title of this blog, there might be a number of reasons flashing in your mind right? Well, Mobex is here just to note them down for you and give a small reminder to avoid these situations. Yes, yes, mobile phones get damaged by accident only and we are sitting here to provide you with expert mobile repair services. Have a look at these reasons and acknowledge about the ones that we missed.

1. Oops! It dropped

Dropping a mobile phone is the most common phenomenon nowadays and almost everyone might have dropped it sometime in their lives or maybe daily. Sometimes the surface saves your phone and sometimes your phone cover. But mostly it ends up with issues like a cracked screen, damaged parts such as panels, speaker, camera, etc. In short, when a phone falls, the damage is not predictable, but Mobex is here to solve all the mobile phone issues.

2. You pocket betrayed you!

If you think your pockets are the safest place on the earth to secure your phone, then you are highly mistaken my friend! The reason being that your pockets are not meant to keep your phones and there are many other things that have a place in your pockets. So, before you slide the phone into your pocket just have a look there might be a keychain, coins, and many things that can damage your phone’s screen or even a camera.

3. Did someone just sit on it?

This one is also common as you might have placed your phone on the bed, sofa or chair and bam someone sits on it!! Then you are left with nothing but a broken phone. You can be lucky sometimes to get a perfectly fine mobile phone but most of the times you can get a bent phone or screen damage and even the buttons may have a chance to escape out of your phone.

4. Little kids can sometimes cause your phone a trouble

Whenever a phone is in a kid’s hand it becomes unpredictable about their behavior with your phone. They will play with it or even throw it if they don’t like it or they are bored. You need to be on high-alert whenever a kid is operating your phone. And once your phone flies in the air and you cannot do anything but think about the damage that will be caused to your phone.

5. Is water the biggest enemy of your phone?

One thing you should keep in mind that your phone is not fond of getting a dip into the water. Whether it is in the pool or in the bathtub or toilet, the phone’s life will end if it gets submerged in water. And most of the times there are no chances of revival of your phone to normal. The reason being that water can damage almost all the complex circuits in your phone.

Don’t worry, if your phone is damaged with any of the above-mentioned reasons or the ones that are not in this list, Mobex has experienced mobile repair experts who have a solution for all the mobile phone issues. Order a repair from Mobex now!