Mobex presents an itinerary of your Xiaomi service centre

Xiaomi Corporation was founded by Lei Jun along with seven other partners on 6 April 2010. The smartphone brand began its journey by releasing Xiaomi Mi 1 smartphone in 2011 and since then it has been unstoppable. At present, Xiaomi is the world’s 4th most valuable start-up. Such a great value comes with a responsibility of quality and the brand is known for that only. This fact is confirmed by the number of service centres that Xiaomi has opened across the globe. Great isn’t it?

• The itinerary of Xiaomi:

While the assurance of quality attracts the customers, Xiaomi deeply feels that it is the customer’s feedback which differentiates it from other brands in the market. Xiaomi loves to hear the suggestions of its customers and strives hard to fulfill them. The managers of the firm spend a lot of time browsing the consumer forum. Suggestions are taken in heed and put into practice immediately. This is the reason why Xiaomi’s service centres are highly efficient and trustable. These service centres not only take your problem into account but also treat them as theirs.

Another interesting thing that Xiaomi has been doing is that it has been expanding its markets rapidly. At present, it operates in China, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and some countries of the European Union like France, Spain, and Greece. The expansion has come a long way, making it the world’s fourth largest manufacturer of smartphones in early 2018.

This expansion has helped Xiaomi to create a stir in the market. Their good quality products and easily approachable Xiaomi service centres have gained the trust of the customers from all over the world. It is often considered as the “Apple of China” though it sells its products at a relatively cheaper price.

• Get your Xiaomi mobile repaired

If you are trying to get your Xiaomi mobile repaired, leave this worry to us. With Mobex by your side, you don’t need to find a Xiaomi service centre anymore. You can ask us to pickup your phone from your preferred location and we will drop your phone back once necessary repairs have been done. If your phone is under a warranty period of the brand, we will take it to the authorized service centre of Xiaomi and get it repaired. This will enable you to avail the free services offered by the brand under the warranty period. If the warranty period has expired, we will repair it ourselves while giving you a guarantee on the repair.

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