Here’s how online mobile repair services are making your life easier

Smartphones are re-inventing the way everyone leads their life. Because of them, everything is being made available at the fingertips, even the mobile repair services. At Mobex, we have made this process simpler and easier with our trustworthy and dependable online mobile repair services.

Read on to find out how.

  • Doorstep pickup and drop services

In the bustling cities we live, it is quite painful to travel around. Traffic is everywhere along with the constant honk of the horns. In reality, it is so bad that it takes about 10 minutes to drive even two kilometers. Under such circumstances, if your phone gets damaged then taking it to a good mobile repair shop which is 5 kilometers away from your home can be a torturous experience to you. Hence, we provide pickup and drop services for your mobile for free! Traffic might be a problem for others but not for you anymore!

  • Bid adieu to long queues

Those days are gone when you used to stand in long queues to get your mobile repaired. With the smartphones getting smarter every day, even your mobile repair services have become smarter. No matter whether you are at your office, home or in a social gathering, a smartphone is all you need to book a repair. At Mobex, you can book such a service by simply calling us on 7676576765 or by visiting our website. So, bid adieu to long queues and enjoy our online mobile repair services.

  • Forget your doubts about fake parts

We are aware of the supply of fake parts for your mobile in the market. And we are also aware of the damage they cause to your phone if used. Hence, we use genuine parts while repairing your mobile and we also provide a warranty of six months on it. This increases the shelf-life of your mobile and helps you to maintain your mobile for a longer period of time.

  • Enjoy speedy repairs

If you get a doorstep online mobile repair service which also offers speedy repairs, then it is like a cherry on the top of your cake. And we, at Mobex, offer exactly that! Once your mobile reaches our service station for repairs, we analyse the problem and start solving it as soon as possible. This ensures that we repair your mobile quickly so that your routine life doesn’t get hampered. Also, we don’t like to disappoint our customers with shabby repair services. Hence, while we repair your mobile quickly, the quality of those repairs is also highly maintained.

  • Expert technicians always at your service

If you are worried about any layman repairing your mobile, then let your worries vanish with Mobex. At our service stations, your mobiles are only handled by certified and expert technicians who hold the caliber to repair your mobile. Moreover, your mobile repairs are handled only by those technicians who have a thorough understanding of the brand of your mobile. If they lack that, your mobile won’t be touched at all. This is our promise to you!

Moreover, we have also collaborated with authorized service centers which enable you to get your phone repaired for free if it still in the warranty period of the company. So, book a phone repair today with Mobex and make your life easier!