Don’t despair, Mobex will repair!

Mobex has a highly skilled team of over 600 professionals to provide you mobile repair service in the most professional manner possible. When we say we are India’s largest mobile repair providers, we back up our claim with expertise and infrastructure matched to none.

Here’s what makes us at Mobex stand apart from the rest:

#1 Doorstep Pickup Service

Our Biker Boys make sure they’re at your doorstep on time, every time. The journey of your mobile phone repair will start on time, so that we deliver it back to you as soon as possible.

#2 Professional expertise

Over 400 skilled experts work on a sprawling facility spread over 9000 sq. ft. area in 5 locations across the nation. Our team well-versed with the latest mobile phone technology. This means, your phone will be fixed quicker and more efficiently at Mobex.

#3 Authorized collaborations

Are you guilty of settling for a cheaper alternative when it comes to mobile repair spare part? The performance is not the same, is it? We know you hate dealing with unprofessional people. But when it comes to mobile repair, you might have to deal with one.

#4 Original spare parts

At Mobex, you won’t have to worry about drop in performance and high part replacement charges. We have tie-ups with the top brands to make sure all the parts that we replace in your phone are totally genuine and made specifically for the model. We source original parts directly from the brands through tie-ups to ensure every part that we replace in your phone is made by the brand itself. It keeps your company warranty intact as well.

#5 Timely pickup and delivery

Unlike other delivery services, we don’t keep you in the dark when it comes to picking-up and delivering your phone. Mobex gives you the convenience to choose the time slot as per your other, more important plans of the day.

#6 Standby Phone facility

Our lives are dependent on our mobile phones a lot, if not completely till now. From the constant pings of WhatsApp to those long threads of emails; you simply cannot stop even when your phone does. With Mobex, you can continue working the way you do with a standby phone while we fix yours.

#7 Fastest repair solutions

Broken mobile phones are sad to look at, especially when you see the sadness of their owners. At Mobex, we repair over 10,000 such phones on a monthly basis and bring back the lost smiles. Our claim to fame is based on facts and actions. Since 2013, we have repaired more than 26,53,000 devices with expertise. When we say we are the largest mobile repair brand in India, we mean it.