All About Us Is About You

Chuck the intro. Here’s a scary story: You’re busy talking to your friend, chatting about that whacky weekend get-together. You walk towards the balcony, tilt your head skyward laughing and in the next moment, the power-packed monster mobile you just bought, slips off your hand from the third floor, zooms past that window pane you thought might just stop it midway, misses the extended roof of Sharmaji, tosses over Mishraji’s Audi and finally succumbs to the gravitational pull with a thud amplifying to Dolby 7.1 surround sound that is audible only to you.

With a heavy heart and heaving breath, you watch your prized possession crying for help. Bereft of Nougat’s sweetness, there lies your phone biting the dust, wearing a flimsy coat around it and the ‘Latest Gorilla Glass Protection’ turns out to be an evolutionary scam, while the ‘Toughened Glass Screen Guard’ is just not tough enough. You’re reminded of its ‘Warranty’ and you rush to the Authorised Service Centre, only to be told that damage of such magnitude isn’t covered in its warranty policy. Now your next bet is the roadside mobile shop, but what if they changed the phone parts or do a shoddy job?

Already feeling like going ‘Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!’ in horror?

Relax. Breathe easy. The scary story is over and a success story is about to begin.

Here’s precisely where we at Mobex step in, with a heroic entry. Backed with a rich experience with QUIK-e, a reputed mobile insurance and repair service provider, we at Mobex offer you a paperless, hassle-free and quick repairing solution. What’s more, we have a pickup and drop service, not to mention the sanitized and sweet-smelling finishing touch to your mobile phone when it has been resurrected to rise and shine. Did we mention that we have an official collaboration with leading names like Xiaomi, Vivo, Micromax, Oppo and so forth?

Quik-E is now Mobex!

In the year 2018, we have taken it upon ourselves to offer world class mobile repair services rather than just a product with expedited service in a limited geographic area. After a thorough rebranding process, QuikE has become Mobex, short for Mobile Experts. While QuikE primarily offered mobile phone protection products, with Mobex, we have expanded our product range to cover all aspects of mobile phone repair services.
As QuikE morphs into Mobex, we are changing the way Indians will get their phones repaired, offering a number of unique and never-before-seen services to enhance the customer experience.
Our services are unique, functional, modern and yet, simple – just the way you like it.




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