7 Quick tips for not seeing us often

#1 Be careful, come rain, come sunshine!

Monsoon is here, and we know how much you like dancing in the rain. Before you do that, make sure you zip up your phone in a water-resistant zip pouch. Your phone might be water-resistant, but why take chance? Keep your phone dry this monsoon and have fun in the rains.

#2 Watch out for the Pirates of Moberian!

In a busy life, there are chances you might misplace your phone time and again. In case that happens, securing your sensitive data like pictures, videos, banking apps, ticket booking apps, shopping apps etc. will save you from the headache of privacy threat.

#3 Cloud can protect you from data theft storm

Your phone might have a lot of free space, but don’t fill it up with data that you seldom need. We live in the age of unlimited internet, make the most of it. Keep your important data on the Cloud, so that it is easily accessible whenever you need it. It will also keep your phone’s internal memory free, avoiding lag in usage.

#4 Give your phone some space!

We know you have those 64 GBs and 128 GBs of space, but that doesn’t mean you load your phone with every other app you stumble upon and barely use. Keeping free space in your phone will keep your phone in good shape. Your phone will thank you for it and result into better usage experience.

#5 Don’t ‘Pin’ your hopes on lady luck

Trusting someone with your mobile phone’s password/ PIN can make your life easy but it can also open you up to privacy threats as well. It’s best to keep changing your password/ PIN often to make sure it’s as personal as possible.

#6 Stay updated, stay sorted!

Do you keep clicking on the ‘Later’ button on the new update in your phone? Stop doing that. OS updates are sent out regularly for important reasons, the primary one being major bug fixes for better performance and enhanced security. It will only make your phone work more efficiently, along with the addition of new features. So, don’t keep that update waiting, just like we don’t keep you waiting for your phone repair.

#7 The Gorilla hasn’t completely evolved yet!

And on a parting note, Gorilla Glass is not totally crack-proof. Using a screen-guard and a back cover is always a wise choice. It will definitely save your phone from cracked screens from close falls. You can thank us at Mobex later.