3 Gimmicks for your iPhone by the mobile repair experts, Mobex

Your iPhone is an interesting gadget to have if you know how to use it efficiently. It can perform a number of functions by using simple tricks and can make your life easier than before. We at Mobex, being the mobile repair experts, are keen enough to reveal such gimmicks to you. Use them and enjoy the amazing features of your iPhone.

Know about those 3 gimmicks as below:

• Discover your phone’s network easily

A common problem with cellular network these days is that you can’t find it easily. No matter how fast and efficient they have become, there are always those corners of those corners where you can’t find the network easily. And because of these issues, you have to keep swinging your phone here and there to get a proper network. With your iPhone, these petty issues are not to be worried about. All you have to do is *3001#12345#* in your dialer and call to launch the Field Mode tool. This enables your regular network to turn into a numeric one. Remember, the less negative the number is, the better is your network.

• Make your vibrations specific for the contacts you want

With the technology getting smart day-by-day, even the phone calls in your iPhone are getting smarter than they were earlier. Gone are those days when you had to check your phone to know who is calling. With this feature, you can know the person who is calling you with the help of a simple vibration. Just go to the edit section of your contacts and check out the vibration option. Here, you will find plenty of options to select the type of vibration you want for your phone including the Create New Vibration tool.

• Your iPhone knows a lot about you

Many of you have an impression that iPhones don’t store any data, unlike their Android counterparts. Well, this impression is a false impression for sure. Your iPhone is constantly gathering data about your whereabouts, your activities, your data and many other such intimate details about you. In order to know what it knows in detail, go to Settings. Click on Location services under the Privacy settings. Further, go to System services in it and move ahead to frequent locations. In the frequent locations menu, you will able to know about the details we have been talking about.

Besides these gimmicks, we suggest you be careful about your mobile. Any mishandling by you or the one who is using your mobile can lead to serious mobile damage. And in case, if you are already looking for trustworthy iPhone service center, contact Mobex without any hesitation. Give us a call on 7676576765 and get your mobile repair estimate today.