10 Things to enquire before opting an online phone repair service

With the extensive use of mobile phones and internet these days, online phone repair services have been gaining importance throughout the world. They are usually convenient and save the trouble of going to a mobile phone repair shop. But before opting for such a service, there are certain points to be enquired. Read the blog to know them further.

1. Check for an authorized service center

Most important things come first. Check if the online phone repair service is an authorized service center. If it is not, back off immediately. We bet that you don’t want to give your phone to repair centers which are unauthorized.

2. Examine the genuineness of the parts they use

The use of genuine parts is highly essential when a phone is being repaired. Make sure that you have confirmed this before giving your phone for repair. Fake parts can completely damage your mobile. If you are choosing Mobex for phone repairs, you can relax in this aspect because we use genuine parts only.

3. What about the warranty of repaired parts?

Local mobile phone repair shops often repair your phone without giving you any warranty on the repaired parts. Thus, it has a probability of getting damaged soon. Mobex, being an authorized service center, provides a warranty of about six months on the repaired parts.

4. Enquire their technical expertise

This is a must-ask question before giving your phone for repair. Enquire if good technical expertise is being used and know if they have dedicated labs for this work or not. A good technical expertise will ensure a good service whereas dedicated labs tell you about a systematic work culture. In the case of Mobex, we have both!

5. Go over the use of appropriate technology

Not only must the phone repairs be efficient, but also effective. Use of the latest and appropriate technology ensures that your phone is being repaired effectively. Mobex ensures the usage of such technology for any kind of issue in your mobile.

6. Know if they have a norm for data privacy

When you give your phone for a repair, that mobile phone repair shop gets an access to your personal data. This data can be misused. Hence, ensure that the online mobile phone repair shop you are trying out has a data privacy norm which will secure your data from being misused. Being a trustworthy brand, we at Mobex, treat this as our priority.

7. Interrogate about hired professionals for this work

Mobex has a group of professionals who have a good expertise in phone repairing services. Experienced professionals hold the caliber to solve different types of issues with phones in a minimal amount of time without causing any sort of damage to your phone. Hence, always get your phone repaired with hired professionals only.

8. Do they offer a quick repair service?

There is no doubt that mobile phones are a part of our lives. And when you give your phone for repair, your routine life comes to a standstill. Hence, ask for a quick repair service. We, at Mobex, are committed to providing a quick repair service. Life can’t be happier than this, can it be?

9. Ask about any doorstep pickup and delivery services

If you are opting for an online phone repair service, check out if any doorstep pickup and delivery services are available. This service will avoid the pain of going to a mobile phone repair shop to get your phone repaired. At Mobex, we offer a free pickup and drop facility without any hustle.

10. Is the process hassle-free?

Our dedicated team at Mobex constantly strives to give you a satisfied phone repair experience. We sternly believe that only a hassle-free process can ensure the efficiency of our phone repairs. So, sit back and enjoy your popcorn while we get your phone repaired.

Revolutionize the way you get your phone repaired. Let Mobex repair your phone so that you can enjoy an enriching experience. And in case you want a spare phone till we repair yours, we’ll give you that too!. So, leave your worries at bay and book a phone repair on our website or give us a call on 7676576765.