Use parental control apps and save yourself from unnecessary mobile repairs

Are you constantly worried about your phone getting damaged in the hands of your children? Don’t worry anymore. Use parental control apps and secure your phone from your children. These apps help you to put some restrictions on the various features of your phone when your child is using them. Thus, your child will be able to access only a few restricted features on your mobile which you approve of, without generating a necessity for mobile repairs. Also, you will be able to save your child from the harmful information circulating on the internet.

At Mobex, we have come up with a few such parental control apps. Check them out as below:  

  • WW Parent App

WW Parent App, also known as Web Watcher Parent App, is one of the highest rated parental apps on the internet. With this app, you can view your child’s data activity such as call log history, social media, location history, etc. which can not only help you to keep a tab on your child’s phone usage but also can keep your phone safe from damage. This means that you don’t have to waste your time and rush to a mobile phone repair shop to get your phone repaired every now and then. Moreover, the app remotely monitors your child’s activities on the phone and sends an alert to you immediately if it finds anything unusual. WW Parental app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

  • Kids Zone – Parental control and child lock

Unlike WW Parent App, the Kids Zone parental control app works in a different way. This app enables you to create a profile of your child wherein you can add the apps you want your child to use while blocking other apps which aren’t included in the profile. You can also block functions like receiving calls or viewing or sending text images along with setting a screen time which limits the usage of the device by your child. Hence, you will be able to protect your child from unauthorised access to your phone while saving your phone from unnecessary mobile repairs.

  • Screen time Parental Control App

As the name suggests, the Screen time Parental Control App enables you to limit the use of the phone for your child. You can specifically block certain apps, approve a few of them and block all the apps at a specific period of time like their bedtime or school hours. You will know if your child downloads a new application. Moreover, you will also receive a daily summary of your child’s activity on the phone. This will help your child to use the phone in a way which is most useful to them while keeping them away from the harmful distractions of the internet.

So, use these parental control apps and build a safe environment for your children. Besides, save yourself from serious mobile repairs  also. And for such repairs, don’t hesitate to contact Mobex. Visit our website or call us on 7676576765 today.