Tricks to click amazing pictures with your smartphone camera from Mobex – the mobile repair experts

Smartphone photography is the current craze among individuals of all generations. Everyone wants to click eye-pleasing pictures which generate attention among their peers. Even though clicking good pictures is not difficult these days with the amazing cameras these smartphones possess, there are tricks which can help you click such shots with ease and without exposing it for harmful mobile repairs.

Read on to know more.

  • Buy a good camera phone

While there are many good phones in the market, not all phones have a good camera which can help you click good pictures. Hence, research well before buying a phone with a good quality camera. Also, don’t fall for the phone with higher megapixels because these megapixels don’t determine the quality of pictures. Rather, check on their lens quality, sensor quality and their ability to take pictures in low light conditions. Moreover, refer authentic websites for reviews on mobile phones, inquire your family and friends and then buy a good camera phone.

  • Clean your camera regularly

A common problem which everyone faces while clicking pictures is its bad clarity. A common reason for it can be dust settled on your camera. Hence, clean the glass of your camera with a good quality cleaning agent and a soft cloth on a regular basis. Also, don’t place your camera in dirty places. These practices will also not only help you keep your camera well but will help you avoid unnecessary phone repairs. We say this because repairing a damaged camera can prove to be heavy for your pocket.

  • Steady your shot

The blur pictures you have in your mobile are often exhausting, aren’t they? But have you wondered why does a picture get blurred? It is because you shake them. To avoid doing it, we strictly advice you to hold your camera well and steady the shot before clicking a picture. Try a few angles you are comfortable holding your phone with and set a frame. Further, hold your phone still for a few seconds and focus on your object before clicking the picture. This will help you to get a clear shot without any blurs.

  • Set the focus

It is said that you cannot achieve anything without focus. Well, this saying is completely apt when you want to click a good picture. So, after you steady your shot, make sure that set your focus well. You can set the focus by adjusting the circle which appears on the screen of your camera application. You can also make it wide or narrow as per your requirement. Don’t forget to adjust the lighting and use proper exposure before clicking your picture.

  • Edit your pictures

If you know professional photographers or if you follow a few of them on various social networking sites, you will know that they highly recommend the use of editing tools. Such tools can help you correct the exposure, light, and saturation of your picture. They can also help you to remove the unnecessary elements of your picture without disturbing the picture. So, use such tools and make your picture look more attractive.

Use these tricks and click eye-pleasing pictures with their help. And if your camera gets damaged, always choose Mobex. We provide quick and trustworthy mobile repairs with doorstep delivery services. Just call us on 7676576765 or visit Mobex.in and book a repair today.