The story behind Samsung authorized service center

Samsung started its journey in 1938 as a trading company with a strong vision by the highly ambitious Lee Byung-Chul. Before establishing such a big name in the mobile phone and electronics industry, Samsung had made its foot strong in various other industries such as heavy industries, life insurance, C&T, SDS, and many more to enlist.

With Samsung authorized service centers located worldwide, there has never been a compromise on the services provided by Samsung to its customers even after sales. Samsung started as a company that produced and distributed groceries across Su-dong city. With Lee Byung-Chul’s strong vision the company started to expand into various sectors namely sugar refinery, woolen mill, insurance, retail, securities, and finally into electronics with a black and white TV set.

In 1980, it entered into the world of telecommunications hardware industry and started by manufacturing telephone switchboards, telephone, fax systems and expanded to mobile phone manufacturing. Ever since then a number of authorized service centers have popped across the world and Samsung is satisfactorily serving all its customers with the best possible products and services.

Samsung has a wide array of mobile phone models and equally satisfactory mobile repair services after sales. Mobex is here with a few reasons that will lead you to trust Samsung authorized service centers only whenever your Samsung mobile phone needs repair services. And don’t worry you don’t have to rush to find the Samsung authorized service centers across your city, Mobex will get your damaged mobile phone, take it for repair to the nearest authorized service center and deliver your phone at your doorstep. But first, have a look at these reasons to choose authorized service centers only for your damaged Samsung mobile phones.

  • When you go to a Samsung authorized service center for mobile repair you can lay back and be relaxed about getting genuine spare parts only
  • You are sure to get mobile repair services from experts who are well-versed with the latest technologies and have experience
  • An added advantage is that you will get a warranty on all the spare parts that are installed during the mobile repair process
  • Get a standby phone while your mobile phone is being repaired so that your daily work and communication does not hamper

So what is the wait for? Order a repair from Mobex right away to get your Samsung mobile phone repaired from authorized service center.