Secure your phone from being hacked with some simple ways presented by the mobile repair experts, Mobex

If you have noticed around you, you will notice that almost everyone is talking about deadly hackers these days. These hackers are highly dangerous as they can steal all the private information which is stored in your smartphone, be it an android phone or an iPhone. Such information, if accessed, can turn your phone into an actual ATM without your information. In fact, this hacking is so dangerous that you might get to know about such an attack after several days. Hence, it is highly essential to protect your phone from hacking.

Being a mobile repair service brand, we understand these consequences well and thus, we have tried to find out a few ways to prevent it. Know about a few such ways as below:

  • Don’t use public Wi-Fi

Many people tend to use public Wi-Fi without thinking of the dangerous consequences caused by it. Yes, you are thinking right. Using public Wi-Fi is the easiest way to get way to get your phone hacked. By hacking your phone, a hacker can access your online activity, passwords, photos and other intimate details stored inside your phone. Hence, don’t use public Wi-Fi and stay safe!

  • Use screen locks

Hackers don’t have a particular identity. They can be present anywhere. There is even a possibility that one of them might be sitting right beside you. Hence, always be cautious before giving your phone to anyone. Don’t let any random person use it. One way of preventing such misuse can be by using screen locks. A screen lock prevents everyone from operating your phone, except for the people who know the passcode. This way your phone will still be accessible to the people you trust and you won’t even have to compromise on its security.

  • Update your operating system

Many hackers tend to take advantage of the vulnerabilities of an outdated operating system. Hence, always update your operating system as soon as you receive any new updates. This will also keep your phone in good condition and will help you to stay away from unnecessary mobile repairs.

Apart from these tips, always be alert in your surroundings. Make a mental note of the activities around you and report immediately if you notice anything irregular. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine! So, if you observe any abnormal functioning in your phone, contact a trustworthy mobile repair service like Mobex immediately. Visit Mobex.in or give us a call on 7676576765 and get a free repair estimate!