Mobex – Your best choice for mobile repair services

When you are in a dire need to find a trustworthy mobile repair service near you, think of Mobex and let all your worries vanish away. We repair more than 1,000 mobiles everyday and our promise of assurance is what makes our services valuable.

We, at Mobex, are experts in dealing with damaged phones and its nuances. Be it an android phone repair or an iPhone repair, our repairs will fill you with the joy of a satisfied consumer experience. The best part is that the whole process of a mobile repair is hassle-free.

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  • Quick repairs

We know you don’t like to wait and we promise to keep your preferences as our priority. Hence, the best part of our phone repair services is that we keep your mobile repair as our priority.

  • A perfect solution for all complicated repairs

Be it a cracked screen, an exhausted battery, a damaged part or a drowned phone, Mobex offers solutions for all simple and complicated repairs. Moreover, whether it is an android phone repair or an iPhone repair, we solve everything!

  • Certified repair experts

Unlike the local mobile phone repair shops, you don’t have to worry about our repair experts. All our repair experts are certified and experienced who are committed to delivering a satisfactory repair experience.

  • The promise of genuine parts

The biggest worry while giving your phone for repairs is whether the mobile phone repair shop will use genuine parts for repair or not. With Mobex, this worry should vanish like whoosh! As we guarantee that we use genuine parts only.

  • Warranty on repaired parts

While we provide a guarantee on the genuineness of the parts we use, we provide warranty on the parts we repair. This is what sets us apart from other vendors in the market.

  • Collaboration with authorized service centers

We have collaborated with your mobile brand service centers. This helps you to get your mobile repaired for free if it is covered under the warranty period. And don’t worry, we will pickup and deliver your mobile from the authorized service center to your place. Why waste time amidst a hectic routine life, unnecessarily? Talk to our experts today and save our time.

  • Free pickup and drop services

Being an online mobile repair service brand, we at Mobex, have our amazing benefits. One such perk is our free pickup and drop facility. Yes, you read that right. We pickup and deliver your phone for free so that you won’t have to compromise your personal time behind a silly pickup. 

  • Stand-by phone facility

The fact is that everyone is dependent upon mobiles. From that morning alarm to the last WhatsApp message, mobiles are an important part of everyone’s routine. Hence, when your phone goes for a repair, don’t let your routine life get hampered. Get a standby phone from us and enjoy your life without any disturbances.

Don’t get your phone repaired for any service center. Choose the ever-dependable Mobex for your mobile repair services and relieve yourself from unwanted grievances.