Mobex predicts the reason for your mobile repairs in 2019

Begin the New Year with a precautionary note from Mobex. We have come up with predictions which will unveil the possible reasons for your mobile damage so that you can be careful about such threats and protect your mobile from repairs and expenses.

So, according to the statistics of 2018, your mobile is at risk majorly because of your screen damage in 2019. Any part of your screen, the touchpad, the LCD or even the glass of your screen is highly prone to damage in the upcoming year. And there are many possible reasons for it. The most common reason for such damage is the frequent falling of your phone. Whether you drop it or someone else does, your phone may not survive the fall every time. Another popular reason is the water. Yes, you might ignore this fact but even a bit of water is highly dangerous for your screen. It can make your touchpad non-functional or damage the glass of your screen. Other common reasons like using your phone in bathrooms, keeping them in the back pocket of your trousers or carelessness with them are also a major threat to your screen.

Hence, be cautious and follow the given tips to save your phone from serious repairs.

  • Place your phone in clean places only

The screen of your phone is often exposed to a number of threats in your daily life. A few drops of water, some dust, greasy surfaces, etc. can be a few common examples of such a threat. Exposing your phone to such surfaces can often lead to scratches on your screen or serious damage to its LCD. Hence, don’t be too lazy. Take that extra step to place your phone under clean conditions and save your phone from repairs!

  • Use a tempered glass for your screen

One of the most effective ways of saving your screen from damage is by using tempered glass. Tempered glass provides a thick layer of protection to your screen. It is durable and protects your phone from scratches and regular wear and tear. A good aspect of tempered glass is that it doesn’t affect the display or outdoor visibility of the screen.

  • Cover your phone with a good phone cover

While using a tempered glass will save your phone from direct screen damage, there are many instances when your screen might crack due to a hard hit on the corners of your phone. Hence, protect your corners and your screen with a good phone cover and avoid unnecessary mobile repairs.

  • Store the customer care number of Mobex in your mobile

Being cautious is not being stringent. Instead, it is being wise. Hence, store the customer care number of Mobex in your mobile. This will help you to approach our online mobile repair services during any sudden emergencies. Our trusted services are a good rescue for your phone during such causalities.

So, start your year by taking more care for your phone. After all, it has helped you in your routine frequently and has made your life easier than before. And in case your phone is need of any repair, feel free to contact us on our website or by calling us on 7676576765.