Mobex is here to decrypt the myths surrounding mobile repair

When it comes to mobile repair services, there are certain things that need clarification due to the myths and rumors that keep making rounds. And mobile phones being an integral part of each one’s life, it is to be taken care of that only authorized service centers are chosen for getting it repaired. For all types of mobile issues, there are mobile repair services but you need to choose only the authorized service after getting a gist about the truth and myths.

So, here Mobex has brought for you the realities behind all the famous myths encircling mobile repair services.

• Mobile repair is too costly

This is the most prevalent and a big myth. You can avail of mobile repair services at a very low cost if you reach out to the proper mobile repair experts. We, at Mobex, are one such repair experts. Moreover, we provide 6 months warranty on the repaired parts of your phone.

• Mobile repair takes too much time

If you get your mobile repaired from experts then it won’t take as much time as people think. Sometimes this turns out to be a myth that has been carried since years. So, choose mobile repair experts with quick response time.

• Rice theory to treat water damaged phone

Even a kid can say that the rice theory is a myth. If you are not aware of the rice theory then it goes like this. If your phone is water damaged and you place it in rice container then the rice will soak all the water to make your phone functional.

• The cracked screen will not affect your device

This is a sheer lie as a screen that is cracked can give rise to a number of issues ranging from text alignment to backlight and clarity issues as well. So, it is better to get your screen repaired as soon as it gets a crack or damage.

• Mobile repair at home is easy

This myth is true for the mobile repair experts only. If you are well aware of the techniques to repair a mobile phone only then you should try to take the matters into your hands. Otherwise, it can affect even the parts that are working well.

Get your phone repaired by authorized mobile repair experts here and let Mobex bring your phone back in action.