Mobex- A solution for android phone repairs

After the launch of Android in the year 2007, the world underwent a major smartphone revolution. The heavy and bulky mobile phones got replaced by light and delicate smartphones. These smartphones have transformed our lives like never before. No wonder, Android has grown to become the most widely used operating system for smartphones.

However, it’s easy to avail and use Android, finding the problem and troubleshooting it can be tricky at times. Sometimes, you will easily notice the signs of a mobile repair while sometimes it may take a while. Nevertheless, recognizing such damage is extremely important to avoid unpleasant situations. Hence, read further to know the subtle sign of such damage. Prevention is better than cure, remember?

  • Virus attack

Have you been asked to be careful before downloading apps from the Google play store? If yes, then the reason behind that word of caution is that the play store is a home to frequent virus attacks. And as you know, a virus attack can corrupt your SD card and even your phone. Hence, be careful. If your phone is facing any issues, there is a possible chance that it is inflicted by a virus.

  • Slow user interface

A user interface enables you to interact with your operating system. Due to many reasons, there are chances that your user interface may slow down. If it happens, it will lag your phone behind and will delay the functioning of many apps which will eventually delay your work. Hence, before anything severe happens, get your phone repaired at the earliest.

  • Frequent application crash

While using an android phone, you might notice that a few applications of the mobile are not functioning properly or closing down suddenly. This sudden closure or non-functioning of apps is called an application crash. This can be due to a corrupted RAM or a technical error in the software or hardware of your mobile. Such frequent application crashes can cause non-functioning of the app and hamper the smooth operation of your mobile. Don’t let that happen. Be cautious always!

  • Overheating

Is your phone getting hot frequently these days? Take it to a trustable mobile repair service center and get it repaired, immediately. In most of the cases, overheating is a sign of a damaged battery. Such a battery can blast anytime and can be poisonous to you and your surroundings. Hence, repair it first, please!

  • Slow Android Boot

Installation of multiple apps often causes slow booting in android phones. This means that if your phone gets switched off then you will have to wait before it restarts. Installing fewer applications on your phone is not the solution but getting your mobile repaired is.

If you are facing any of these issues or all of them, don’t switch off your phone and restart it again. Rather, approach Mobex this time. We provide genuine online mobile repair services performed only by professionals with good technical expertise. Call us on 7676576765 or visit our website to get your android phone repaired.