Discover 4 captivating features of your Google Play store with Mobex, your mobile repair partner

An android phone is full of interesting features which you might have or might not have explored so far. In order to help you avoid the trouble of finding such features, our mobile repair expertise is here to list a few of them to you.

This time, we are talking about the interesting features hidden in your Google Play store. Read on to know about them and start using them on your phone.

  • Hide unwanted content from your children

One major threat for parents is the access of unfiltered content to their children these days. If accessed, such content can be harmful to the children. Hence, in order to avoid such incidents, the Google Play store provides an option of parental lock in its app. With the use of this parental app, you can choose the sort of content you want your children to access and even block certain apps if necessary. Thus, while your children use your phone, you can be completely assured of the content they access.

  • Become efficient by searching exact apps in the Play store

It is often difficult to find the exact apps in the Google Play store. You find similar versions of the app but waste a lot of time in finding the exact app. This affects your efficiency and delays your further tasks. Many times, even after doing this, you don’t find the app you were looking for. Being the mobile repair experts, we at Mobex, have a simple solution to this problem. Just use quotation marks before and after the name of the app you desire and search it in the Play store. You will find the exact app you were looking for, we bet! Also, you will save a lot of time which will help you to efficient in your routine!

  • Make purchases with a touch

If you are using a phone having an android version of 6.0 or more, then you are going to love this one. Now, you can purchase various facilities on your Google Play store with the help of a single fingerprint. You just have to set up your fingerprint on the phone to authenticate the user. Further, at the time of making purchases, you can simply place your finger on the fingerprint scanner and make purchases. This makes your life hassle-free and helps you enjoy a satisfactory experience with the Play store.

  • Be the first to use new apps

Yes, you read that right. You can use apps which haven’t been officially launched on the Google Play Store only if you know where to find them. Such apps are called Beta apps and are launched on the Play Store by its authentic owner for testing purposes. Hence, you can access these apps before its official launch and use it for as long as you want. Moreover, you can also review these apps as per your convenience. Prior to the launch of the app, necessary bugs are fixed and if the users have recommended any changes, such alterations are made.

And if you are looking for a trustable android phone repair services, always contact Mobex. Call us on 7676576765 or visit Mobex.in and get your phone repaired immediately.