6 tips to protect your mobile from repairs

Someone asked us, “What are the basic necessities of our life?” We answered “Food, clothing, shelter and mobile phones.” True, isn’t it? Life without smartphones is completely unimaginable. Our daily lives progresses with the morning alarm, e-newspaper, phone calls, daily updates, endless pictures, food ordering services and that last dose of TV series. One day, if it gets damaged, its mobile repair will be heart-breaking.

Hence, Mobex has come out with 6 easy tips to protect your mobile phone from mobile repairs:

Buy a phone insurance and recover your cost of mobile repairs

Yes, you read that right. Invest in a good insurance for your mobile phone. This will pay off in the long run as when your phone is damaged seriously, you won’t have to shell out money from your pocket for that mobile repair.

Use a good phone cover and screen protector

A good-quality phone cover and screen protector is a complete essential to your phone. Not only do they make your phone look cool but also protect it from any kind of damage when it falls from somewhere or slides on a rough surface. This minor step can create a big difference in the life of your mobile.

Get an antivirus

With the increasing use of internet these days, the risk of a possible virus attack has also increased drastically. Whether you are using the browser or an app, there is always a possibility of viruses entering your phone. If so happens, there is a chance of a permanent damage to your phone. Hence, install an antivirus in your phone to avoid mishaps.

No water okay, please!

This is one strict rule to be followed if you wish your phone to be safe and damage-free. Don’t place your phone around wet areas at all. Water can damage complex circuits of your phone or can let moisture enter the small parts. Hence, no water, please!

Don’t charge your phone for a longer time

The mantra of maintaining a good health for your phone is not to charge it too much. By this, it also means not to let your phone charge overnight. As lithium batteries only have a limited finite number of charging-discharging cycles, charging your phone for longer time than required can harm your phone in the long run.

Personal care

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Clean the screen of your phone with the help of a soft cloth every day. Don’t place your mobile phone over dirty surfaces or expose it to harsh temperatures. Handle it with care and opt for trusted mobile repair services only.

And even after being extra careful, your phone gets damaged, don’t worry. We, at Mobex, are always here to repair your mobile with ease. Visit Mobex and avail our online mobile repair services today.