5 Unknown facts about your iPhone by Mobex

It is always interesting to know certain facts about your favorite brands which are known by fewer people. Such facts help us to relate more with the brands and people and build a personal bond.

Explore here a few such lesser-known facts about your iPhone presented to you by Mobex, the mobile repair experts, and expand your knowledge.

  • Steve Jobs had thought of launching an iPad first

Yes, you read that right. Steve Jobs wanted to launch iPad before making the dream of an iPhone come true. Hence, he asked his team to research on the designs of various tablets with a virtual keyboard in them. But when the engineers found out a technology featuring a multi-touch functionality, he decided to use that technology in an iPhone instead.

  • There was a different name of iPhone earlier

Before the idea of an iPhone turned into a reality, there was no particular name for it. Scott Forstall, who was the chief software developer of these phones, was asked to keep the project a secret. He was allowed to choose any Apple employee in his team to build an iPhone and yet even his team members were not supposed to know about the actual idea. Thus, a random codename, Purple, was given to the phone and the section where the team worked was named Purple Dome.

  • The idea of an iPhone was tinkered in the year 1983

In the year 1983, a computer engineer at Apple, named Hartmut Esslinger developed a design which had a landline along with a stylus controlled interface. It seemed to be a combination of an iPad and an iPhone. But back then, this idea was discarded due to unexplainable reasons but was a revised reality in the form of an iPhone, later.

  • Bono is the artist of your music app

Open the music app of your iPhone and scroll over its logo. If you notice it closely, you will find that the icon is actually a silhouette of the lead singer of the U2 band, Bono. Cool, isn’t it?

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